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2012 Update

Wisconsin – RMI recently completed a “selective shredding” project with Walsh Construction on I-94 in Milwaukee, in which it performed a pavement break with a 6-inch deep particle size product. RMI has 3 more projects planned in Wisconsin, including the continuation of I-94 again with Walsh in the spring / summer of 2012, and a “breaker run spec” project on Osh Kosh Highway 45 for Musson Construction. “Breaker run spec” is a particle of uniform size 6 to 8 inches deep.

Texas – RMI is participating in numerous projects in Texas, the Circunvalación 12 project with Mario Sinacola was completed in 2011 and now we work at SH 183 in Fort Worth. RMI is also working on the IH 35 near Waco in a breakage and removal and total rehabilitation project together with WW Webber, in which Rubblizing is also carried out. RMI completed 2 Rubblizing projects with the Texas Department of Transportation in 2010.

Louisiana – RMI continues to carry out the Rubblizing specification in the state of Louisiana. 2 important projects, including US 190, are already announced for 2012 and more are expected. RMI has performed Rubblizing in more than 300 lane miles in Louisiana and continues to be the contractor by choice for all the Rubbilizing conducted there.

Mississippi – From the submission for the design and application to the Ministry of Transportation tender, RMI is underway to perform a Rubblizing of nearly 400,000 square yards on Mississippi Highway 78; for full rehabilitation for the state of Mississippi in 2011 and 2012. The Mississippi Ministry of Transportation has expressed plans to identify more candidate projects for Rubblizing in the near future. Lehman Roberts is the prime contractor in this massive project. RMI is also involved in a major demolition project on I-20 in the spring of 2012 with Bush Construction.

Airports in 2011 – RMI successfully completed the Rubblizing rehabilitation projects for the taxiway and landing, during the spring and summer of 2011, in Sidney, Nebraska (Cabela Corporate Airport) and Maxton, North Carolina.

Kansas – RMI carries out, along with Hamm Construction, a process of “selective crushing” for the total rehabilitation of the Kansas Turnpike; where the crushed product was collected, all metal meshes were peeled off and then used without being crushed and placed back into the subbase. This has been a 2 year project and will be completed by the end of summer 2011.

Alabama – Rubblizing of I-20 in Talladega County next to McCartney Construction will take place this summer, and in 2012, another portion of I-20 will also be held next to APAC.

Arkansas – RMI is Rubblizing a 6-phase project in Arkansas, near Little Rock, for Koss Construction; which started in February 2012 and will continue throughout the summer. RMI will end I-55 with the Delta Asphalt Company in the spring of 2012. The state of Arkansas has approved and agreed on a massive interstate rehabilitation project to be carried out during 2015 with more than 400 lane miles, more than half will use Rubblizing. RMI has performed the Rubblizing on more than 400 miles of roads in Arkansas and is again the only option of the Arkansas Department of Transportation.

Nevada – Following presentation and now under design, RMI has worked with the Nevada Department of Transportation on a Rubblizing project for I-80. RMI was chosen by the State of Nevada for this project, which will be initiated in the summer of 2012.

International – RMI and the Rubblizing process are making their mark all over the world. RMI will be doing Rubblizing in Central and South America, as well as in Russia and Eastern Europe during 2012. All projects are ongoing.