Resonant Machines – International Projects
RMI is the global leader in rubblization as a subcontractor for major highways and airports.  With a strong presence in Russia, Ukraine, South America and Central America, the benefits of resonant rubblizing are becoming vastly popular due to the cost and time savings, along with the extended design life of a rehabilitated road compared to other rehab alternatives.  With the capability of shipping our machine and staff anywhere in the world, RMI has dedicated machines in numerous international locations that  provide economical options in allowing RMI to rubblize  your next road rehabilitation project.

Please contact RMI – Resonant Machines for any International projects you may have inquires about.  RMI has the capability and experience in mobilization overseas for large projects to meet your needs on government or design/build projects.

Please Contact John Mueller,CEO at  001-816-931-3111 for International Projects