Below is a picture of our newest machine with some of its key components highlighted. RMI’s Resonant Beam Technology – concrete rubblizing and breaking machine is capable of rubblizing or breaking concrete at a rate of 7,000 square yard per day and concrete as thick as 26.”


RMI’s Electronic controls enable precision breaking and rubblizing. The RB-700 integrated, flexible system takes machine control to the next level of performance and reliability. Operated from a single joystick control, the Resonant Beam can be matched to the different dynamics of concrete pavement instantaneously. This provides the peace of mind knowing we can break any concrete pavement, while producing a consistent particle size.


Service Fill Capacities:

– Hydraulic System    250 l
– Fuel Tank        750 l
– Water Tank        1250 l
– Engine Oil        30 l

Engine:            Caterpillar C-15
– Turbocharged 550 horsepower @ 1950 rpm

Electrical Equipment:
– Engine Alternator    24 Volt 60 Amps
– Batteries        (2) 220 Amps/hour

Hydraulic System Data:
– Equipped with a Sauer Danfoss Plus One Electronic Hydraulic Control System
– Integrates hydraulic, engine and vision systems
– Provide infinite machine control
– Enables enhanced machine security and operating limitation
– The total hydraulic system is full flow returned, filtered to 3 micron absolute
– Custom designed for extended hydraulic service life
– Proper cooling is assured with a forced air heat exchanger

Hydraulic Oscillator Drive:
– Oscillator Drive Pump
– Rotary Piston, Electronic Displacement Controlled, Variable Displacement Pump
– Oscillator Motor – Bent Azis, Fixed Displacement (180 cc) Motor

Beam Control (Oscillation):
– Computerized digital control for precision resonant beam amplitude and frequency.

– Hydraulic power steering
– 30 degree articulation left and right provides for a 5.2 meter turning radius
inside and 7 meter turning radius outside

– Electronic Remote Control (ERC) – One hand simple lever type electrical
proportional operated control gives the operator complete control of forward,
reverse, speed and braking.

Water System:
– Fast fill water tank provides water for component cooling and machine cleanup
with the capability of dust suppression.

Hydrostatic Wheel Drive:
– Ground Drive Pump
– Rotary Piston Variable Displacement Pump (Max 180 cc)
– Electronic Displacement Controlled
– Ground Drive Motors
– (2) Sunstrand Model 23 Fixed Displacement (89 cc) motors

Rear Wheel Torque Hubs:
– Torque Hubs, Hydraulic Driven

Braking System:
– Service braking provided through hydrostatic pump/motor circuit
– Parking brakes through a multiple disc, hydraulically released brakes
– Integrated safety circuit automatically engage brakes when the engine is
shut off or when hydraulic pressure is lost.

– Max Working:    13 km/hr
– Max Traveling: 25km/hr

– Easily accessible with full view windows for excellent visibility
– Cab also incorporates a deluxe adjustable seat infrared rear camera
integrated into the touch screen control system for enhanced night vision and easy backup.
– Rear view mirror
– Heater

Safety Warning Device:
– Back-up Alarm: 123 db warning beeper
– Strobe light: mounted on cab for maximum visibility

Wheels and Tires:
– 16.00 x 25, 24 ply, pneumatic, front and rear

– Via touch screen control system and Digital Analog gauges
– Engine Temperature
– Oil Pressure
– Amps & Volts
– Hydraulic Oil Temperature
– RPM and other machine functions are monitored on a digital display with
separate warning lights.

– Left hand wheel has spindle lift capability to aid in operations on uneven surfaces
– Engine driven air compressor provides air for pressurizing water tank and operating air tools
– Machine is coated with “Imron” paint for superiorrust protection and durable finish