In-Place PCC Recycling is the method of utilizing larger maximum particle size with a proper gradation for the base/subbase layers in road reconstruction projects all in the confines of the existing road. Existing PCC is pulverized in-place, excavated into the MCR-300 for screening and crushing to proper gradation, stockpiled on the shoulder, then placed and compacted as new aggregate base/subbase material.

Similar to Rubblization (larger the particle size, higher the modulus, but increased chance of reflective cracking), utilizing a larger particle size for the base/subbase layer allows for a higher structural capacity of the material, at which point, compaction becomes a concern the larger the particle. In order to obtain the proper compaction percentages, a gradation chart with smaller particle ranges is necessary.

The MCR-300 is designed to match the smaller particle size produced by the Resonant Frequency Breaker. With, on average, only 10-15% of the material needing to be crushed, the MCR-300 screens the vast majority of the material to maintain a high rate of production. The smaller, more confined system allows for more maneuverability and reduced operating costs.

Cost and Time Savings:
  • Reduced Hauling
  • Reduced Crushing
  • Up to 100% Recycled Material
  • 20-25% Construction efficiency
Environmental Impact:
  • Reduced emissions due to:
    • No Hauling
    • Shorter construction time
    • Less traffic congestion
  • Limited/No Virgin aggregate material needed
  • Up to 100% of existing roadway recycled


The Cross-Section shows 9” (23cm) of PGE material top with a 3” (8cm) Aggregate Cap as a leveling course, finished with a 13” (33cm) thick surface layer of PCC.

Sieve Size  Percent Passing
 5” (125mm)  100
 4” (100mm)  85±15
 2” (50mm)  45±15
#200 (75 µm) 4±4

*Tollway Select Crush Specification


Below, the Cross-Section for I-94 shows 13” (33cm) of Select Crush Material, 6” (15cm) dense graded aggregate base, 3” (8cm) asphaltic base leveling course, all underneath the new 11” (28cm) doweled PCC.  Note: the objective of this project was to increase grade of the road, hence the thicker base/subbase layers.

Sieve Size  Percent Passing
 5” (125mm) 90 – 100
 1-1/2” (38mm)  20 – 50
 #10 (2mm)  0 – 10

*Wisconsin DOT Select Crush Material