Resonant Machines is a provider of concrete rubblizing and concrete breaking services and equipment. RMI’s industry leading “resonating beam” technology breaks concrete into uniform particle sizes down to 6 inches and de-bonds rebar and wire mesh for better removal. RMI’s resonant rubblizing process provides many benefits versus other methods of road rehabilitation such as crack and seat or remove and replace of a concrete surface including:

  • Based on RMI’s over 28 years of experience,  contractors have found rubblizing a concrete surface is 60% less expensive than removing and replacing concrete.
  • Rubblizing reduces road reconstruction time from days of lane closures to hours, providing huge savings to contractors and reduced impact on the travelers.
  • Rubblization is an environmentally friendly “Green” process.  Rubblizing breaks an existing concrete surface into uniform particle sizes, the rubble is then rolled and an overlay applied for quick, clean and efficient road reconstruction.  Related benefits include reduced aggregate and labor costs
  • One machine can rubblize 1 lane mile per day (7000 sq. yards).  Multiple machines can be used on time sensitive projects. Pavement thickness dictates speed of the rubblization process.  An average depth on most roadways is 8” to 10”.  Rubblizing creates an optimum aggregate base with existing concrete that is an industry leader and greatly reduces or eliminates reflective cracking in road resurfacing with HMA.
  • Resonant Machines means exactly that.  Not only are we a preferred vendor in the United States, but RMI has rubblized roads in China, Eastern Europe, Russia, Canada, Central and South America.

RMI provides additional services beyond rubblizing. If a project simply requires concrete breaking, our machines break concrete more efficiently than drop hammers or multi-head hammers. In fact because the RB 500’s resonating beam pulverizes concrete, we break into smaller pieces enabling more efficient loading and increased hauling capacity, saving fuel, time and money.

RMI’s goal is to partner with contractors and DOTs to maximize your pavement rehabilitation dollars, speed reconstruction and perform all work in an environmentally responsible manner.

Resonant Machines’ finished materials will meet or exceed DOT requirements for pavement breaking and rubblization. RMI can provide DOTs with independent case studies about the effectiveness of our process upon request, as well as provide numerous references.