The Global Leaders in Rubblizing & Concrete Recycling Since 1984

Celebrating 35 Years as the Global Leader in State-Of-The-Art Rubblizing and Concrete Recycling

Resonant Machines has been operating since 1984 as a subcontractor on highways and airport runways throughout the United States and Internationally. Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, RMI has the capability to serve the global construction industry. As the equipment manufacturer of the proprietary resonant technology, RMI has helped lead the industry in sustainable road rehabilitation. To date, RMI has completed jobs in 45 states and has rubblized roads in Europe, China, Russia, Canada, Central and South America.

Each Resonant Machine is capable of breaking concrete up to 26 inches thick at a rate of approximately One Lane Mile per Day (7,000 sq yd). The resonant technology is vastly different from any other option on the market.

  • Prevents reflective cracking
  • No damage to existing base
  • Debonds PCC reinforcement
  • No damage to underground utilities
  • Process moves water away from pavement
  • Reduced hauling costs, increases load outs
  • Environmentally friendly

  • Capable of 7000 sq. yds per 10 hour shift
  • Strikes PCC 44 times per second
  • 2000 lbs down force
  • Fractures PCC on 40 degree sheer plane
  • Utilizes resonant beam technology
  • Speed, Speed, Speed



TERRY GILL | Senior Project Manager

Walsh Construction, members of The Walsh Group
We value our relationship with RMI as an exceptional contractor that performs to the highest standards, and look to continue contracting with them on future projects to come.


Kansas Turnpike Authority
I would like to say I am now very impressed by the product your machinery makes, and the savings in time and money it allows. I look forward to future contracts where we can use this type of rubblization in our contracts to save us time and money and also affords us the opportunity to be good stewards of our environment using our existing materials as well.

CHARLIE NADVORNIK | Project Engineer

Hamm Construction Inc. - Perry, KS
During the 2010 construction season, we were the prime contractors for two major pavement rehabilitation projects for the Kansas Turnpike. We originally planned to excavate the old concrete pavement, run it through a crusher, and then use it as an aggregate base for our asphalt paving operations. Then we heard about RMI’s pavement breaking machine, and we invited them to our project to give a demonstration. When we saw the speed at which the old pavement was crushed, and when the Turnpike approved the crushed product as a substitute for 10” base rock, there was no doubt that we had to use RMI. RMI has saved us a significant amount of time and money on these Turnpike projects because the pavement is crushed in-place at the rate of about one lane mile per day – what would have taken us weeks to crush took them only a few days. We would definitely use RMI again on future pavement replacement projects not only because of the time and money savings but also because the crushed product can be tailored to meet whatever base rock gradation is required.


By combining RMI's resonating beam technology with M.A.R.S's industry leading crushing services, this team has the potential to greatly enhance the efficiency and cost benefits of concrete breaking and recycling.

DAVID DODD | Project Manager

Bush Construction Company, Inc. - Laurel, MS
We just wanted you to know we appreciate the effort to which RMI went to on not only meeting, but exceeding our goals on our last project. Having last worked with RMI in the 90's, we had no doubt your personnel and machine would get the job done for us in the allowed time frame, but were greatly impressed with the improvements made to your equipment in the intervening years. We enjoyed working with RMI on this project and look forward to working together again in the future.

DENNIS SANDROCK | Division Manager Concrete Paving

Paulsen Construction
I would like to address the project at the Sidney Nebraska Airport that we had RMI do the rubblization of the existing 7" concrete pavement. The project was a 100'x 6600' ( 73,400 s.y. ) concrete runway that the engineers elected to do a rubblization on with a 2" aggregate bond breaker and a new 8" PCC runway placed. This was our first experience with RMI and it turned out great. They were on schedule and Markis Lahmeyer and his operator did an excellent job. They were very professional and hard working and did the project in 5 1/2 days ( we had 11 days scheduled ). We also had them break approx. 19,350 square yards of 7" concrete that we did the full removal on that we were going to crush and that took them just a day or two. My experience with RMI , from dealing with Tony George , the scheduling personnel and the crew, was first rate and we will definitely use their services on other projects.

JOSH DOERHOFF | Project Manager

Emery Sapp & Sons - Columbia, MO
The only word that I have heard today is that, 'Your machine is the only way to break concrete!' My super is very impressed with your machine. I also was informed one of our owners would be on site today. He was in the area and stopped by to take a look. He was also very impressed. Thanks!